BMWs are superb, superior machines but we do see a lot of them coming into the shop with all kinds of issues from leaks to overheating.

BMW oil leaks are common in certain BMW models. However, that doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.

The most common oil to leak is out of any seal or gasket. This includes the following:

  • valve cover gasket
  • timing cover gasket
  • front crankshaft seal
  • back crankshaft seal
  • oil pan gasket

BMW Oil leaks are for the most part because of one of these valves or seals wearing out. Oil leaks can likewise happen because of basic mistakes, for example, not fixing the oil cap securely or repacing the oil pan gasket after an oil change.

Recently a customer brought a BMW into our workshop with a suspected oil leak. However, with some careful investigation, we discovered the oil leak was caused by the rocker cover gasket was leaking. We stripped it down and whilst we were in there replaced all the vacuum hoses for the turbos.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon issue with BMWs. If your BMW appears to have an oil leak remember it is likely to be one of a few things including a compromised drain plug, infrequent oil changes or like this one issues with the valve gasket cover. Keep an eye out for a puddle of oil underneath your car. Any issues you come across bring your car over to Bayleys vehicle locksmiths in Hove and we will get it sorted.