Car Key Cutting

Car Key Cutting in Brighton & Hove, Worthing
and Nearby Locations in Sussex

Bayley’s Vehicle Locksmith Ltd wishes to help all motorists in Brighton & Hove, Worthing and the surrounding areas of Sussex with any car lock or car key issues. If your key has been lost, stolen or broken, we can help you out by arranging for car key cutting to make a new key for your vehicle. We offer car key cloning to produce a duplicate car key from your original car key if you require a spare. Our expert vehicle locksmiths can even cut a new key using the broken parts of the original key if it’s broken. 

Alongside this service, we can help local motorists with other car locksmith services, such as emergency vehicle lockouts. If you need our assistance, call us on either 07716 093926 or 01273 722165. We’re available for callouts 24/7, all year round.

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Car Key Cutting

Professional Vehicle Key Cutting in Sussex

We offer a dependable car key cutting service for various situations. 

This includes: 

  • Broken Keys

  • Worn or Damaged Keys

  • Bent Keys

  • Snapped Blades

  • Damaged Key Fobs and Remote Cases

  • Worn/Damaged/Unresponsive Transponder Chips

  • Broken Buttons on Remote Key Fobs

  • Keys Jammed in the Ignition Barrel

  • Snapped Off Car Key Blades in the Ignition Barrel

We understand that all of the situations described above and others that could cause your car key not to work properly can be highly distressing and frustrating when they happen. Luckily with our experience in vehicle key cutting, we can make a brand new key for you and get you quickly back on the Brighton and Worthing roads in no time.

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Car Key Cloning and Duplicate Car Keys for Many Different Makes and Models

Bayley’s Vehicle Locksmith Ltd has extensive knowledge of many different major makes and models of cars. Some of the main makes of cars that we work with for our car key cutting service include the following:

  • BMW

  • Citroen

  • Ford

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • Peugeot

  • Renault

  • Vauxhall

  • Volkswagen

Please be aware that certain vehicles sometimes aren’t as easy to work with. For this reason, we recommend you call ahead (via 07716 093926 or 01273 722165) or e-mail us in advance. That way, we can work out what we need to do to create your new key and save you time in the process.

As a professional vehicle locksmith company, our biggest selling point is the speed at which we operate; this is no different for our car key cutting in Brighton & Hove and Worthing. If you were to approach a main dealership for the car key cloning service that we provide, this could take between 5-10 days for most dealerships to complete. Not to mention, it’s likely they’ll charge you a high price for your new duplicate car key. At Bayley’s Vehicle Locksmith Ltd, we can cut your new car key for you on the spot and do so for less! 

For any car key cutting and other similar car security services in the Brighton & Hove and Worthing areas, call Bayley’s Vehicle Locksmith on 07716 093926 or 01273 722165.
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