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Understanding Remote Fobs

Based in Hove, Bayley’s Vehicle Locksmiths Ltd regularly helps motorists in and around Worthing with various vehicle locksmith services. From emergency car lockouts and car lock repairs to car key replacements and new car key cutting, we’ve got all the skills to do any car door lock fixing or resolve any car key problems you may face. 

In recent years, more car manufacturers have switched to remote keyless fobs for their vehicles. These can be highly convenient with their ability to automatically unlock your car’s door and boot when you are within range, although they do have their flaws. As auto lock and key experts, here’s some more valuable information on this type of car key.

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New Car Keys – How Does a Fob Work?

As some Worthing motorists with remote fob keys will know already, there’s a transmitter within it that typically has a range of at least 50 yards. The transmitter sends out an encrypted passcode which your car’s computer system will pick up and read. If the code matches, this will unlock the vehicle and enable the push-button ignition system if you have one. Remember, if you notice any faults with your fob, including damages or a fault with the locking system, you may need our vehicle locksmith services. We can assist you with any emergency car lockouts, car lock repairs, car key replacements and car key cutting should you require it.

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Car Lockout Assistance and Duplicate Car Keys – Potential Problems with Fobs

With our experience in car lockout assistance, duplicate car keys and similar services, we know that the danger of modern car fobs today is their constant signal broadcasting. Unfortunately, car thieves are known to use a scanner to record a car’s passcode. They can then play it back at a later point to trick the car’s computer into believing the fob is in range, causing the vehicle to unlock itself. 

Many car manufacturers have started to crack down on this form of car theft with new measures. These include adding a button to control the signal transmission from your fob, motion sensors, ‘ultra-wideband technology’ to identify the direction of the passcode as well as ignition PIN codes. Some people have even devised their own homemade solutions involving Faraday cages and covering their fob in kitchen foil to contain the fob’s signal. You can also invest in Radio-Frequency Identification blockers (RFID blockers) for a more permanent solution.

Car Door Lock Fixing from Auto Lock and Key Experts – Looking After Your Vehicle

If you have a remote key fob and would like more guidance on protecting your car from thieves, call us on 07716 093926 or 01273 722165. We help Worthing motorists with many forms of vehicle locksmith services. 

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